The Habits of the Highly Influential

The 30 DAY INFLUENCE CHALLENGE will kick MassInfluenceCoverstart you on the road to influence. It is a game, with a set of rules, habits and etiquette that when followed, leaning it will change the landscape of how you do business, deeply improving your bottom-line. What you’ll learn:

  • how to meet influences and get past their gate keepers
  • how to develop yourself as an influencer
  • how to rapidly expand your business edge with social media
  • that building influence can be fun, easy and highly profitable

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How it works?

We’ll be sending you a link every morning to give you quick 5 minute exercises you can do to build your influence.

Most of the videos are less than 1 minute long (some are less than 20 seconds), so these are really fast habit-building exercises.

Unleash your hidden influence and become an authority in your field with the proven methods of 3 X bestselling author and international speaker Teresa de Grosbois.

She’s even made it fun and only 5 minutes a day. Get the Business Leaders guide to using word of mouth and influential relationships to rapidly expand your business edge.

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